Wednesday, January 9, 2008


There is a girl in my chemistry class that I CANNOT HANDLE. She always is sitting behind, no matter where I sit.

Basically what she does is answer obvious questions really loud. Questions that are 100% common knowledge.

Examples include but are definitely not limited to:

Teacher: "....and then came the General Theory of Relativity from..."
Obnoxious Girl "Albert Einstein!"

Teacher: "And does anyone know where the English system of measurement came from? What is a foot anyway?" (There was a picture of a 12 inch ruler with a foot next to it on the screen)
Obnoxious Girl: "It is the size of an ancient foot. Oh and England!"

Teacher: "Well, how much is a foot?"
Obnoxious Girl: "12 inches"

Teacher: "How much is a yard anyway?"
Obnoxious Girl: "Three feet, or 36 inches."

WE ALL KNOW. I was extremely close to whipping my head around and letting her know that everyone knows. And if she continues this behavior I will be forced to tell her that unfortunately she is not a genius, and the teacher will never be impressed with her wealth of common knowledge.


Elizabeth said...

this is terrible. but i hope it's teaching your professor a lesson in how to word things in statement form.

the next time she speaks raise your hand and tell the teacher "this is all your fault."

bridgerw said...

I just imagine every one of these girl's answers is shouted in a panicked voice.

Cassidy said...

I have never understood the idea that people will think it is okay to make an entire room HATE them. Do people like this have no social skills?

Sarah-Ashley said...

She really does shout in a panicked voice.