Sunday, March 30, 2008


My blog is under construction and I don't want you judging it just yet.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Show

I was a little wary of seeing Odyssey Dance's Shut Up And Dance this evening, I have never really had a whole lot of interest in modern dance. But I had heard great things about it so I decided to give it a shot.

Every Spring they do Shut Up And Dance which has three options for shows. This year the options were The Beatles, Club Calloway or Moulin Rouge. We initially set out to see Club Calloway, but were late last week and decided to postpone until this weekend, THANK HEAVENS. We got a great deal on seats, buy one get one free and were able to sit in the second row which was really nice. We saw Moulin Rouge and it was just fantastic. I am not going to go into length about any single part, the entire production was really magnificent.

I highly recommend you start supporting Odyssey if you don't already. I am going to put away money every month for the next year so I can see each of the three productions next March. I suggest you consider doing the same.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bringing Life Into My Bedroom

For a while now I have wanted to add some plant life to my room. After seeing all this green I decided to proceed. This morning my brother Jesse and I went to Cactus and Tropicals, we were there for a good two and a half hours. I planned on getting a modest $15 bonsai tree and ended up with a modest $50 orchid. I was having such a hard time deciding on any single orchid that I decided to get one that was all buds and no blossoms so it would be a surprise when the buds open up.

Orchids are pretty neat, once they blossom the flowers stay fresh and pretty for three or more months. Then you go five or six months with just tow sticks and leaves as they get ready for another flowering period. That is why I had them all the moss at the bottom, it will keep the pot looking alive for the long period in between flowers.

I am going to be taking multiple pictures of it a day so I can see how it morphs over the next few weeks.


Notice that there are two spikes (that is what the sticks the flowers grow on are called) I feel like I got a really good deal, this flower was much cheaper than the rest with two spikes, I don't think they noticed that this one had grown this way, otherwise it would have been $43 just for the plant.

Can you believe how green that moss is?

Here are the buds, there are a lot of them, so I can't wait to see what the plant looks like once it is in its full flowering state. They are a dark purple and it look like the flowers might have spots, which I think would be great.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is there a cuter shoe than this?

Won't this child...

(Forgive this not so great picture, it was the best I could do.)

Look great in these shoes?

I don't think I have seen a more stylish pair of toddler shoes. So for his upcoming birthday my nephew gets a pair of designer Keds.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Offering a Reward

The other day I was on a very nice shopping trip that included a visit to Anthropologie. In Anthropologie there was a great song playing, a really great song and I didn't know what it was. Now all I can remember is the lyrics "ai, ai, ai..." If you can tell me what this song is called I will give you $2. I think originally it was sung by a man, however this version was done by both a man and a woman. I think at the beginning it may say something about a boy maybe at a train track or a garbage dump or something sort of pathetic. I know, very vague. But maybe you know exactly what I am talking about, or maybe you can figure it out. Let me know.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Everyone please follow my directions. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EAT AT ALBERTO'S. Doesn't matter what one, don't eat there. I ate there Tuesday night and exactly 7 hours later (food poisoning occurs 6-8 hours after eating) I became violently ill. I just now have gained strength to sit for extended periods of time. I am scared I will develop blood clots in my legs from laying around in bed for so many days. I can hardly eat. I am dehydrated. My mother had to wash and blow dry my hair today because I did not have the strength. Don't eat there, I beg you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great News

My sweet cat has learned a new form of communicating to me that he needs water. He rubs his paws on the wall where is water dish is kept.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Few Things

First, if you go here you will see a beautiful place, be sure to watch all the pictures. I want to live there so bad.

Next. Lately this girl, Sandra, has been sitting next to me in biology. Biology 1010 is a very understandable course. She is constantly asking me to clarify what the teacher is saying. Currently we are learning about Meiosis. Meiosis involves a small amount of talk about reproduction. The professor was talking about gametes. This girl would not stop asking me about gametes, "Who has gametes? What are they in men? Women have them? What are they in women? What do they do?" I just about died. HAVE YOU NEVER HAD A SEXUAL EDUCATION CLASS? It is NOT my job to give you a birds and the bees lesson lady. "When do the gametes come together?" FIGURE IT OUT.

Next, I was in a computer lab today and a young man came and sat at the computer next to me. Every few minutes I would hear this hiss. Finally I looked over to see what on earth was going on and I found that he was shooting whipped topping into his mouth. He downed an entire bottle of whipped topping in maybe 10-15 minutes. I thought I would die of not laughing. It took every ounce of strength in my body to not collapse on the floor in laughter.

Which brings me to my next topic. I have been having SUCH a hard time controlling my laughter lately. I will think of something someone has said, I will get a text that is maybe intended to make me smile and I will not be able to control my laughter. It is usually in an inappropriate place: during a lecture, during a presentation, in the study hall, in the computer lab. I also have had a hard time with this in church and during things like prayer. If anyone has any tips on how I can stop it would be greatly appreciated.