Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The ultimate pet, with the ultimate problem

I think cats are the ultimate pet.

They are:
-Extremely low maintence
-They will play with you
-Will sleep on your feet
-Have a great look
-And if trained properly will take a bath

My cat isn't really allowed outdoors. He will go sit on the porch occasionally, but generally he prefers his cat nest from IKEA. Because my cat is always inside he requires a litter box. A litter box. Litter boxes are gross. They usually smell bad and the litter tends to get all over the place. I have found some pretty good litter in the past few years, but still, it gets everywhere.

My first preference is to train the cat how to use the toilet, however that seems like a lot of work that the cat won't really want to do. My second preference is to buy a $200-$300 cat litter robot box. But I don't carry that kind of cash. However, I recently found this product and I am considering giving it a go. Does this look like a scam to you?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The new project

A couple weeks ago I had an idea. I thought it would be neat to make a collage sort of thing with fabric. When I had the idea, I pictured a tree that I really wanted to make.

I gave this to Bridger for his birthday, I think it turned out pretty well.

The tree was made of hexagons cut from fabric and the trunk was tiny strips of brown fabric. I then added a picture of an adorable dachshund, and printed some little birds which I watercolored.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A few notes

Some things:

-My orchid is still alive. Many said it couldn't be done. But 7 months later I am saying, it could. Although there are no blossoms, and no spikes for buds yet, I have faith that within the next few months it will spike a couple of spikes and there will be buds on them. It is green, growing and gorgeous. I can't wait for it to flower again. I think I will go get it some fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen to encourage flowering.

The moss around the edge turned brown, so today I gave it a makeover with new Super Moss. Hopefully it will stay green, it looks so good.

-The kids in my neighborhood are dumb. I came about 7 inches from running over two boys today. I was going 20 mph, so it wasn't my fault. It was these stupid boys' fault, they were in the middle of the street on bikes that they could hardly manage, their dad stood on the sidewalk as I nearly killed his children. I stayed stopped for a few seconds, looked at both of them in the eye and yelled "Get on the sidewalk!" I also swished my hand in the air in a shooing motion. I was pretty annoyed.

This happens ALL THE TIME in this neighborhood. I am considering a door-to-door campaign telling parents how stupid they are to let their kids play in the street.

I honestly cannot express my anger to its full extent.

-Why, why do people put music on their blogs? That is so obnoxious.

-I am thinking of starting a sewing blog, I have loads of projects on the horizon. The name I had chosen for the sewing blog, when searched for on the internet, turns out to be a book or something, so I am trying to decide what to do about that.

-I still haven't found a day job.

-Elizabeth is giving me this painting and I cannot wait.

-I have a new sort of project up my sleeve, I hope it turns out.

-Have you heard Ben Kweller's new songs? I am in love with each one.

My cat sits up like a human more than he sits like a cat.

That is a cute little nephew I have.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am worried about Diane Rehm. I try to listen to her show as often as possible. And for the past couple weeks Diane has not been the host of The Diane Rehm Show on NPR. I am highly concerned. Where has Diane gone? Is Diane in trouble? Has Diane offended someone? Did Diane disappear? Where is Diane?

She has this annoying man sitting in for her and I can't stand him for another show. He is snappy, lets callers talk for too long, interrupts the guests and has a tone of voice that is so mechanical and dry I want to strangle him.

Diane, where have you gone?