Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold weather

During the Summer months, I complain about the heat. I long for winter when I can finally be comfortable. This week I have decided that I am going to try my very hardest to never complain about being too hot again.

Winter does have its advantages:
-I can layer my clothing and look great
-I feel more immediate comfort when I come in from the cold into the heat
-I can drink hot chocolate

With these advantages come disadvantages:
-Driving in snow or on ice is dangerous and scares me
-When I walk outside for extended periods my nose and ears turn scarlet and my eyes water, ruining my mascara
-I have to wear long johns to stay comfortable
-Waiting for the bus in 5 degree weather is misery
-Cleaning the car off is also misery

Now if you count those, it looks like there are more cons than pros, which means that Summer wins over Winter.

I have one other thing I need to say. Shuttles at school are the absolute BEST thing there could be.

Last night I couldn't sleep because I had to take a test today and didn't quite know how to get to the testing center. Actually, I have two things to say.

First, I hate the idea of testing centers. What is wrong with administering the test in class? Why force me to use my time to take the test?

Okay, back to my lack of sleep due to my fears about the testing center. I looked at a map last night and the center seemed to be very far away from the rest of the campus. This infuriated me, as I have grown quite fond of being able to walk from class to class in a matter of seconds and never have to leave the outdoors.

So this morning I had a one hour break between classes and I decided I better try to get to the testing center. I walked out the back doors and low and behold there was a shuttle just waiting for me to get on. I just prayed that it would take me to the testing center.

A few moments later I was dropped off basically at the doors of the testing center. And after my ten minute test I walked outside to see the shuttle waiting for me again.

My point here is: Shuttles are a dream come true, take advantage of them, especially in this cold winter weather.


Elizabeth said...

may heaven bless that university's shuttle

bridgerw said...

I'm glad you've finally come around on the winter vs. summer debate. There's really no question which is better. Well, there's one question: Would you rather be slightly uncomfortable every once in a while, or be in total agony in the icy clutches of winter?

Craig said...

I take offense to your insensitive testing center remarks.

Sarah-Ashley said...

Craig I thought you might. But come on, you hate taking tests in the testing cener just as bad as I do.

Cassidy said...

summer wins every time.