Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project complete

I have been working on this baby for 18 months, it's finally done. I started it thinking that my unborn nephew would be a girl. He ended up being a boy, which I am really glad about, because I can keep this puppy. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. It is almost completely my own design. The center block was a pattern that I tweaked here and there. The rest was all me. And most of that fabric is from Heather Bailey, just an incredible designer of great fabric.

The cat insisted in being in several photos. I am not kidding.

He really stole the spotlight here.

Yes, I drew, cut and stitched every bit of that. I am so impressed with myself.

Prepare yourself, I have two other really great quilts nearing the finish line. Plus a cool skirt that I might even show you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, here is what I've been anticipating. I went to school all Summer, went on a nice little holiday this past weekend and now I have nothing.

Due to the fact that I did not get into nursing school for Fall, I have no school this coming semester. That means I am free as a bird each and every day.

I have been searching for a job off and on since June, I have found nothing.

If you know of any jobs that need to be done, kids that need to be watched, things like that, you should let me know. I'd really like to be fully employed for the next few months.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


What needs to happen is everyone needs to watch this. My brother, Jesse showed it to me last night and I nearly became teary eyed, what a sweet animal. Disregard the music, and the message at the end. Some of you may even need to hit the mute button.

Then watch this:

How can you not love a cat?

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Think I've Had My Last Trip to Wal-Mart

I went to two mass-retailers today: Super Target and Wal-Mart. One of these is by far the inferior store, I will tell you why.

This morning on the way to school I heard this.

But I still went to Wal-Mart this afternoon. My mom needed help getting some pictures of her newest batch of kindergarten students developed and I agreed to go with her. While at Wal-Mart we got a few things. Here is the list of things we got:

Hostess Cupcakes - My mom needs these for the first day of school tomorrow. She rarely gives these kids treats, but the first day of kindergarten is a big deal, they get a treat, with some cute card that says "My first day of kindergarten was a piece of cake." Cute. Anyway.

A large thing of cat litter - It is easier to buy a whole bunch of cat litter then go every week to get a new thing of it. Enough said.

Hot dogs - We NEVER eat hot dogs. But my mom is a scout leader now, and tomorrow is the first day of scouts, so she is giving them a hot dog. Cute.

Milk, grapes, cantaloupe, lotion, etc.

So we proceed to the check out. This is where the real problem began. I am so sick and tired of waiting in Wal-Mart lines. People with two and three cart-loads of garbage. (Target rarely has lines, and when there is a line, they have checkers that can move people through quickly.) We picked the line with a woman with only one cart overflowing with food in front of us. I thought we might get out of the line within ten minutes. NO.

The checker at this checkstand had some nerve. Some real nerve. She slowing rang items through and paused intermittently to tell the customer about: veggie burgers at Costco, how many carbs a day she eats, carbs, carbs, healthy food, carbs, juice, donuts, carbs (keep in mind this is a 200 pound woman talking like she is a health store fanatic).

FINALLY, finally after probably 15 minutes she rings the last item up and it was our turn. The first thing this bimbo says to us, while ringing up the hostess cupcakes, is "You know, for the same price you can buy fruit." No kidding. And then she says "All that sugar, ALL THAT SUGAR." Neither my mom nor I said a word. She continues ringing food up, she gets to the hot dogs, "You know, these are high in fat, all these high fat foods." I was on the verge of strangling Jacqline (that is her name) at this moment. Then she gets to the cat litter, "MY GOSH, MY GOSH HOW MANY CATS DO YOU HAVE?" I wanted to scream "Forty-four what's it to you?" Instead I quickly said "ONE." She replied with, "I would NEVER own a cat, I have two chihuahuas and that is all I need. Cats, NEVER. And chihuahuas are much easier and cheaper than kids, I will never have kids." At this point I nearly said "Thank goodness, please don't bring ANY more of your DNA into this world lady." But I just continued putting groceries in the cart.

She could tell both my mom and I were pretty annoyed with her I am sure. So when my mom asked for the receipt, she threw it at her. THREW IT AT HER. And we left. And I will NEVER return. Its Target or nothing folks. I don't care if the last piece of food in the world is at Wal-Mart, I can't ever return.