Friday, January 30, 2009

Everybody else is doing it

Thank you Elizabeth for writing this great new survey. Cassidy in order to not let you down, I am doing it.

1. What's something new that you like?--Free time. In days past I never really appreciated or realized the potential of my free time. Now that I am in Nursing School I have about 95% of my time taken up doing modules, assessments, quizzes, and other "let's keep these students busy out of their minds," assignments. So, free time is something that I really love these days.

2. What's something new that you despise? --I have begun this new habit where I am certain my alarm clock will not go off in the morning, so I wake up about 40 minutes early on my on each morning. When I wake up on my own, there is no going back.

4. What's something that made you feel terrible?--Getting pink eye late last week. Yes I got pink eye. Luckily I am superb at catching it the moment it starts, so although my eye was a tad bit swollen, it never really went pink.

5. What's a great quote you've come across recently?-- I haven't really come across to many great quotes lately.

6. Who is a great mom? My mom. My mom. My mom. My mom makes me cakes, cookies and pies minus the gluten. My mom goes to Tacos Nacos with me on a regular basis. My mom is a great mom.

7. What is a word you cannot seem to get a hold of?--There is a whole group of words I have been introduced to lately that I can't get a hold of. Example: Percuss.

8. What's something that let you down lately? -- My cat. He has been non-stop biting me since yesterday afternoon.

9. What's something that did not let you down lately?--My ballet students. Especially my 8 year-olds. They totally impressed me this week. And my hair. My hair has been on its best behavior lately. Especially my bangs, I trimmed them and I think they look excellent.

10. Now just list some words you think sound great:--
yeah (Me saying, "You understand, yeah?"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't do homework ALL the time

I got tired of studying physiology today so I whipped this little baby up. I have needed a little bag to put my stethoscope in.

Notice my stethoscope is a really nice color of blue.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If you know any little girls, or people interested in dance

On January 17th, that's a Saturday, C&C Ballet (my place of work) will be holding a dance workshop. From 12:00-12:45 children ages 3-6 can come. They can try jazz, ballet or tap and maybe even hip hop. Then from 12:45-3:00 ages 7 and up are welcome to come try jazz, ballet or hip hop. Its $5 per person. So, if you know any kiddies who want to learn to dance, or they know one kind of dance but want to know more than that, or are thinking maybe they would like to learn to dance, or maybe you want to force them to dance, send them my way. I'll be waiting.

C&C Ballet Academy is located at 10128 South Redwood Road in South Jordan. Near Maxwell Carpets and the South Jordan Post Office.