Thursday, January 10, 2008

By the end of the weekend or so help me

By Sunday at 9:00 PM I plan to have several thousand things finished, done and off my mind, and I can't wait.

Bosley recently went through paw surgery because he had a piece of rotting claw in his finger.

For the past two weeks I have been medicating him with Amoxicillin twice a day. It is a NIGHTMARE to give a cat medication. Especially bubble gum flavored medication. He has pink all over the fur around his lips because it is such a fight. The above picture is a gives you a great idea about what goes on. The white blur to the left is the cat taking flight at the very sight of the medicine.

So the good news here is that his stitches come out this weekend. So I won't have to stay up at night worrying about where he is and if he is trying to chew them out. One more traumatizing trip to the vet and we are finished with this ordeal.

I have three sewing projects that I insist on getting done.

This will turn into a bag for my mother. It has been waiting for ages.

This will turn into a quilt.

And then Monday bright and early I am taking this quilt along with another quilt to the post office to ship them to a lady named Paula who will quilt them.

Then I will turn some other fabric into a bag. I didn't feel like getting a picture, you don't care that much.

I have a bunch of new, exciting projects on the horizon and I can't wait to get them going.
For example, helping Bosley grow back that hair he is missing on his arm from a bandage he tore off. Counseling Bosley on the advantages he has over other cats--baths, vet visits, a warm home, cat treats. A new quilt or two. Some spring skirts, with all of this fabric I can't wait.


bridgerw said...

I have about three books to finish by the end of the weekend, so you can forget me throwing myself headlong into one of these frivolous sewing projects.

Cassidy said...

I love, love, love the idea of Bridger throwing himself headlong into a sewing project. I also really love that fabric for those quilts. Awesome.
(Poor Bosley)

Elizabeth said...

that cat is gorgeous.
this blog has reminded me that i have promised people paintings i've not yet started. if only there was a way to drive and paint at the same time.