Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great 2008: Year End List (Part II)

Best Part: The exact moment I found out I got into nursing school. I got the mail, noticed an envelope from UVU and threw the other mail who knows where. I then proceeded to scream at the top of my lungs. It was a pretty exciting moment. Think of how many gross things I am going to learn about!

Worst Part: Between mid July and November 11. I had a stomachache for about 98% of this time. Plus, I had a whole slew of other symptoms (sleep deprivation sleeping at most 2 hours a night, numbness in my fingers, pain in my bones, headache, numbness in my stomach, on and on and on). I had to have a scope put down my throat, which ended my life goal of not ever being put under. Thank heavens this is behind me.

Best Album: Islands’ Arm’s Way. I love it. When I listen to it I feel like I have been given extra energy. I don’t think a single track goes wrong.

Worst Album: Weezer’s Weezer (Red Album). I didn’t expect anything and I was still disappointed. What an embarrassing piece of work. Honestly, these men need to STOP.

Best Trip: Chicago. Chicago is a charming place. And, it was just my mom and me and we had a pretty good time. Plus, I got to ride on a real train.

Best Gift I received: I Love Lucy THE COMPLETE SERIES. Thank you Bridger. Thank you. I will never need to watch another TV show again. And the package this set comes in is unbelievable.

Best Job: Ballet and tap teacher. This is a great job. I have a lot of really good students.

Worst Job: I have only had my Ballet/Tap teaching job this year and I have loved every second. However if I had to pick a worst moment at my job to my list I would add the following: A young (4 year old) girl taking her tap shoes off and throwing them at me and then proceeding to scream at the tip-top of her lungs; all because she didn’t want to do shuffle ball change. The same young girl running up to me in the middle of practicing the Christmas dance and hitting me in the face over and over and over.

Best Store: J.Crew. I really love J.Crew. I really love the J.Crew outlet too.

Worst Store: Joann Fabric. Oh my. If you want to waste a lot of time go to Joann. You can wait for 40 minutes to get your fabric cut (if you can find some that is decent), then you can wait 40 minutes for the woman who cuts your fabric to figure out her little machine that adds up your total, then you can wait 40 minutes in line to pay. This is all if you can even find anything worth buying.

Best Fashion Industry Idea: Dark Purple.

Worst Fashion Industry Idea: 1980s style clothing. Stupid. The fluorescent colors, the stupid designs, the stupid clothes.

Best City: Chicago. Like I said, it’s a charming place. Lots of rivers and flowers and city-prettiness. A fabulous place. Go there.

Worst City: Draper. I just don’t feel like this city is very well planned. And the kids in my neighborhood always run around in the street while their parents stand on the sidewalk chatting.

Best Candy: Does anyone realize how much I love candy? The best candy I tried this year was Haribo Gold-Bears. I don’t even know what possessed me to try a Haribo Gold-Bear because I thought I hated gummy bears. In fact I think I knew I hated gummy bears. But I love Gold-Bears. They are an honest-to-goodness delicious candy confection.

Worst Candy: Hershey’s Kiss Mint Truffle. How in the world do you ruin a mint truffle. Honestly. I think in about 5th grade I made mint truffles and they turned out. How does Hershey’s ruin a truffle? They fill a waxy chocolate with minty, green goo.

Best Snack: Sundried Tomato and Parmesan Riceworks chips. Whether you can eat gluten or not, this is such a good snack. I could easily eat a large size bag within two or three days. I highly recommend this snack. The only places here in Utah I have found these chips are Super Target and Costco.

Worst Snack: Salsa Fresca Riceworks chips. Not good. My expectations were so high for these and they were a total let down. They have a really gross flavor.

Best Find: Bridger came across Sam Cooke live at the Harlem Square Club. This album makes me feel like no concert I go to will ever be exciting enough. Sam Cooke blew me away this time. In fact, Sam Cooke always blows me away. Thank you Bridger for finding this.


Bridger W. said...

I'm a bit upset that I keep managing not to go to Chicago. Maybe 2009 will allow me a chance.

Melissa said...

I love the accompanying photos for this year's list. Great work.

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed this list very much Sarah-Ashley. Your photos were a wonderful addition.

I am also really excited about nursing school. You can be sure I will call you any time I am in excrutiating and inexplicable pain. I did have one experience yesterday that I will blog about - perhaps you could offer some insight.

Again, a fantanstic list!

Jordan said...

Really great list, Sarah-Ashley, and really great photos to complement your list items. I agree with so much of what you said.

dawn said...

Great photos, great topics, great blog. I am tempted to do an end of the year review. But I know I would never do it.