Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great 2008: Year End List (Part I)

I’ve revamped my list for 2008. I’ve added some categories, I’ve removed some. There are no runners up this year, there are no (s). You know like best idea(s), job(s). I have forced myself to really zero in on the very best and worst of the 2008. This is all for the best.

Best Restaurant (Fast-Casual): Tacos Nacos. Let me first use adjectives only: affordable, quick, delicious, wonderful, friendly, delicious. Now let me string that together for you. This restaurant has the best service in town, awesome Mexican food (especially the tacos and nachos), it’s affordable, it’s quick, it is really good.

Worst Restaurant (Sit down): Ganesh Indian. As noted earlier Indian food is tricky. This place had a cold atmosphere, ridiculously small portions and food that wasn’t anything to shout about. I spent about $12 on two small pieces of chicken and a quarter piece of naan, I’m not kidding.

Best Restaurant (Sit-Down): Royal India. Indian food is a tricky thing. It is usually quite pricey and the amount of food you get is totally unpredictable; sometimes you will get one cube of chicken and a bowl of sauce for $14.95, other times you will get lots of chicken and in a large bowl of sauce for $9.95. Royal India is the King of Indian food. They offer large portions that are not only incredibly delicious, they are affordable. Royal India is a must.

Worst Restaurant (Sit down): Thai Siam. This is honestly the worst Thai food in the state. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m quite sure the pad thai is nothing more than a bowl of rice noodles and ketchup. DO NOT GO.

Best Restaurant Overall: Tacos Nacos. It’s just so good. Did I mention that most menu items are gluten free?

Worst Restaurant Overall: Thai Siam. At least the food at Ganesh is edible. I am telling you the food at Thai Siam is not edible.

Best Device: Canon Powershot SD1000. I haven’t really purchased too many devices this year. In fact I am going to go ahead and say I absolutely haven’t. But I got my Canon for my birthday last (2007) December. This is a great camera. Canon really makes a good product. There isn’t one specific feature that makes this device stand out, it just is a shining example of an excellent camera.

Worst Device: Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. I got these late in the year 2007 so I wasn’t aware of their battery sucking nature. And as soon as they suck the batteries away my computer is right on top of telling me at 2:30 in the morning. I wish I had gone with the wired option.

Best Idea: Buying this quilt pattern. It just looks so pretty. I bought loads of fabric, I am talking a box full of gorgeous fabrics. This is going to be good.

Worst Idea: This quilt pattern. Will I ever be able to finish it? I want to, but it is so hard for me to focus on a quilt that will take me ages to complete. I am so good at starting things, I really hope I can finish this one.

Best Cat: For the third year in a row, Bosley David Winegar. Bosley. This animal does something great everyday. And let me tell you, he has learned a lot of words and phrases, examples: “Up!”, “Do you want a treat?”, “Come into the bathroom,” “Are you hungry?”, “Do you want to go outside?”. I feel like he is getting smarter by the day.

Best Dog: Max. Max has had a really good year. He hasn’t had any accidents in my room, and he hasn’t ruined any of my possessions. I feel like that alone makes him dog of the year. He is also really a grateful animal, he loves absolutely any attention or any scrap of food, sweet little thing.

Worst Pet: I love pets. Moderately sized pets. The following do not belong anywhere near a house: mice, rats, hamsters, (rodents in general), birds, snakes, ferrets, spiders, lizards. I think you get the picture. Cats and dogs are the only creatures that should be domesticated.

Best Concert: Neko Case. I didn’t go to many concerts this year. But I imagine that if I had gone to several concerts I would still pick the Neko Case concert. This was a free affair and once again, even if I had paid $45 or even $95 for this show I know it would still be the best concert of the year. Neko Case has an awesome voice and puts on a fantastic show. Let me guide you here to take a peek (thanks Jordan).

Worst Concert: Broke Social Scene. It could have been my impending illness, it could have been the thousands of people smoking at a non-smoking event, it could have been that it just wasn’t a good concert. I didn’t really enjoy myself and I am glad I only paid zero dollars for it.

Best Movie (For Everyone): Wall-E. Another stunning, yes stunning Pixar picture. Wall-E evokes nearly every emotion. That little robot couldn’t be sweeter.

Best Movie (Maybe not for everyone, but for most): Slumdog Millionaire. I loved this film. I loved, loved, loved the little kids in it. I really just loved this movie. Could I be any clearer?

Worst Movie: Indiana Jones. I didn’t expect much, I really didn’t. But I honestly couldn’t believe how dumb this film actually was. I asked Bridger if we could leave the theater several times.

Best Book: Love, Lucy. Some really wonderful people gave this book to me for my birthday (December 2007). This book is a sparkling example of a fabulous autobiography. Lucille Ball, one of my favorite women, is fascinating. Included in the book are some great pictures. I will probably be reading this little number again in the coming year.

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Bridger W. said...

You made the wrong choice for worst pet. Jesse's animal is the worst pet. Otherwise, a terrific list.