Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get me off this bus

I ride the bus to school.

Several times in the past few months the following has happened to me:

I am sitting on a seat, with my bag that is half the size of me on the seat next to me. I am usually either half asleep, totally asleep or reading on the bus. And generally speaking their are plenty of open seats. PLENTY of open seats. Yet for some odd reason, there is always some maniac that has to come sit next to me. Why? And if that isn't bad enough, sometimes these people who have eyes to see that I am reading or listening to music or something try to strike up conversation with me. WHY?

Example 1: I was 100% asleep when an old woman came and shook me, yes shook me, and asked to sit in the seat next to me. Once I got past my near cardiac arrest from being startled awake, I became incredibly angry. There were at least four seats with no one and about 3/4 of the seats with only one occupant. Where was this woman's logical thinking?

Example 2: I am sitting on outer seat with my bag on the inner seat. Again most of the seats were either unoccupied or only had one occupant. And a 50-something man asks to sit next to me. Why? I nearly asked him "Why? Can't you possibly find comfort in one of the empty seats?" I was incredibly close. Instead I sat there thinking "Get me off this bus, please get me off this bus."

These people are walking past EMPTY seats to wake me up, disturb me and sit by me.



bridgerw said...

As a general rule, I would often be willing to give up my life in a tragic train wreck if that meant the rest of the usual Trax riders went with me.

Elizabeth said...

Just tell them you're about to throw up. Then start gagging.

Craig said...

I have the same problem on TRAX. I man came and sat to me the other day, and he was huge, and he took up all of his seat and half of mine. I was smashed against the window reading my book looking totally helpless.