Monday, July 28, 2008

Stay away

I was really excited to see an Ice Cream Parlor Jelly Belly Mix at Target today. I instantly put a scoop of this new creation into my mix bag.

Do not be fooled by the inviting pastel colors and flavors like Chocolate Devotion, Our Strawberry Blonde, Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake Remix and Apple Pie A La Cold Stone. Each of these beans tastes like a cleaner. Windex, Lysol, Comet Cleanser, whatever. Just don't buy these beans.

You are going to want to stick with:
Toasted Marshmallow
Pina Colada
Island Punch
Lemon Lime
Wild Blackberry
Orange Juice


Jarrard said...

The best bean:

Toasted Marshmallow

Give me Harry Potter Vomit over Buttered Popcorn any day.

Craig said...

Those pomegranate and peach ones you sent me once were really great. I'll never go back.

Jordan said...

I love that each one tastes like a different cleaner. Hahahah!

Melissa said...

Juicy Pear is my favorite. Yesterday, my co-worker sent some inter-office to me in an envelope stapled shut, and I was absolutely delighted.

Elizabeth said...

when they release the household-cleaner flavors I bet they'll taste delicious!

i love the pomegranate jelly bellys as well.

bridgerw said...

You're lucky you realized this before you tried the hair flavor.