Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Few Things

First, if you go here you will see a beautiful place, be sure to watch all the pictures. I want to live there so bad.

Next. Lately this girl, Sandra, has been sitting next to me in biology. Biology 1010 is a very understandable course. She is constantly asking me to clarify what the teacher is saying. Currently we are learning about Meiosis. Meiosis involves a small amount of talk about reproduction. The professor was talking about gametes. This girl would not stop asking me about gametes, "Who has gametes? What are they in men? Women have them? What are they in women? What do they do?" I just about died. HAVE YOU NEVER HAD A SEXUAL EDUCATION CLASS? It is NOT my job to give you a birds and the bees lesson lady. "When do the gametes come together?" FIGURE IT OUT.

Next, I was in a computer lab today and a young man came and sat at the computer next to me. Every few minutes I would hear this hiss. Finally I looked over to see what on earth was going on and I found that he was shooting whipped topping into his mouth. He downed an entire bottle of whipped topping in maybe 10-15 minutes. I thought I would die of not laughing. It took every ounce of strength in my body to not collapse on the floor in laughter.

Which brings me to my next topic. I have been having SUCH a hard time controlling my laughter lately. I will think of something someone has said, I will get a text that is maybe intended to make me smile and I will not be able to control my laughter. It is usually in an inappropriate place: during a lecture, during a presentation, in the study hall, in the computer lab. I also have had a hard time with this in church and during things like prayer. If anyone has any tips on how I can stop it would be greatly appreciated.


Cassidy said...

I have no tips. I am the WORST with this. I am always laughing at church. When I shouldn't be. It is HORRIFYING!

Craig said...

I have a few great tips... I have always had a huge problem with controlling my laughter in innapropriate places. For exmple, on my mission a new missionary was practicing teaching all of us... in a group. But for some reason all he would do was stare, unblinkingly at me, while he taught. I took this for a few minutes, and then I began to laugh. I laughed straight for ten minutes thus destroying his confidence for months I'm sure.
Also, this happens to me all the time at church. Usually when someone says something I think is ridiculous and I cannot stop my laughing.
HOWEVER, I have an excellent tip. This is always what I do to stop laughter -

1. Imagine my dad extremely angry, screaming at me.
2. Dead puppies.

Elizabeth said...

i hate people who constantly ask me things in class. i get nervous the teacher will discovery us and will write my name on the board. and the topic she wants clarification on - my heavens - i would be leaping out of my body if i were you.

JSmith said...

"Leaping out of my body"...Hahahahah

Sarah-Ashley, I think laughing uncontrollably is a great thing. I'm dying to hear some examples of things you haven't been able to stop laughing at.

I sometimes get pestered in class by other people and it makes me nervous I'm missing something the teacher is saying.

Jarrard said...

I agree with Jordan that laughing uncontrollably is great; however, there are times that you need to not. Something that I have found useful is this: yell bad words to other people in your mind, and not just any bad word, the worst words that have ever been invented. I promise you that it will take the laughter away. Yell them as if you were actually yelling them at people aloud, but in your mind's eye. I had another story to tell, but when I submitted it, failed, and my story was lost forever. I'm pissed.

dawn said...

I think the boy was trying to get tipsy off of the whipped cream. I remember attempting to get high off of whipped cream in middle school, then stopped after the first mouthfull.

dawn said...
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