Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Party

I wasted a lot of time tonight watching the Oscars and I had a great time. Pre-show I made some Granny Goose Popcorn and colored it blue, just to honor everyone at the big show.

1/3 cup popcorn kernels
2 cups sugar
3/8 cup evaporated milk
3/8 cup regular milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
three drops food coloring

Melt the sugar and milks together and heat them until your hand is burning not only from stirring so fast, but also from the heat and the temperature of the mixture reaches 240 degrees, take it off the heat EXTREMELY FAST add the vanilla and food coloring. Then pour the sugary mixture over the popped popcorn. Let it dry for about 1 minute. Tastes great. Serve that in a blue goblet and you will have a great party treat. (No one but me eats this popcorn)

I am real glad "Falling Slowly" from Once won. Those two people are the sweetest two people around. And thank heavens he let Marketa Irglova say something.

I am real glad Ratatouille won best animated film even though I didn't get to see that happen.

I cannot believe Juno won Best Original Screenplay. That was the biggest problem with that film.

I wish they had just given No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood each an award for "Most Nominations, You Won Big!" That way I wouldn't have had to hear about them so much.

I could NOT stand the music numbers from Enchanted. GIVE IT UP.


Cassidy said...

Looks like you had a great time!

bridgerw said...

Diablo Cody is an obnoxious person. Juno didn't deserve the blink of an eye.

Melissa said...

I involuntarily shouted when they announced best song. Letting Marketa back on stage was a class move.

Craig said...

I didn't watch the Oscars. I was fine about that until everyone began talking about how great it was. I guess I really missed out.

Jarrard said...

I watched the first half by myself and became immediately embarrassed when Amy
Adams did a horrible job of singing her song. She seemed very nervous. I agreed with you on the awful Enchanted special musical numbers. I was thrilled with each and every No Country and Blood nominations/wins. The second half I watched with Walter Adam and his family, and I got the chance to recommend No Country and Blood to him.

Matt said...

How could anyone resist a recipe with a name like that.

JSmith said...

I love the pictures and recipe.

Also, I loved the joke Conan told about Diablo Cody last night:

"Diablo Cody, a former stripper, won an Oscar for best original screenplay. It's weird because Diablo Cody is her real name. Her stripper name is Ann Patterson."

Elizabeth said...

What a delicious looking treat!