Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Heart Full of Thanks

In the 7 semesters I attended the U, one of my classes got cancelled. And I didn't even find out about it until I got to school and saw the note on the door.

In the 6 weeks I have attended UVSC I think I have had at least 4 classes cancelled.

This week my biology class was cancelled not once, but TWICE! I am thrilled. What a great break. I am so thankful that UVSC teachers don't get substitutes. I have 3 hours between my first class and third class and I don't mind one bit. Thank heavens, thank heavens.


Cassidy said...

It's nice to hear UVSC's good qualities once in a while.

Craig said...

It's a good thing they switched over to a University so they can offer this kind of service.

Jordan said...

I'm so glad that UVSC is so good to you.

Also, about your last post, I completely believe that cold weather makes a person sick. I hope you're better for your big vacation this week!