Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have had a stomach ache since July. First, it was an ulcer, that was when it was just a stomach ache. Then it was "a really stubborn ulcer," that was when it was stabbing pains in my spine with a stomach ache. Then when I was sleeping two hours a night, my stomach and fingers were going numb and I would turn scarlet after a shower, it was time for me to have a scope stuck down my esophagus to see what was really going on.

During all this I was convinced I had any or all of the following: pancreatitis, a hiatal hernia, gastroesophogeal reflux disease, stomach cancer, gallstones, a spastic gallbladder, kidney stones, diabetes, blood clots, an abdominal aneurysm, the list goes on and on and on (I got all those ideas from the internet mind you). My family was convinced I had become a total hypochondriac due to the fact that every time I turned around I had some new weirdo symptom.

After several thousand co-pays, two trillion blood tests, and 8 zillion visits to the doctor, I have an answer. Thank everything. I have Celiac Disease. As soon as the doctor told me that I said, "Oh I know a little boy with that, all I ever fed him was potato chips and marshmallows." What this means is, I can't have any gluten, that means I can't eat any food. So starting Tuesday at 2:00 PM my life changed for the better. I have eaten my weight in popcorn, jelly bellys and corn tortillas, with a dash of yogurt here and there.

A woman told me today she cried for six months over this problem, I replied with, "I am so glad I have this and not something like dairy intolerance or something really serious, this was a total relief, I have been sick for months."

I have two points to make with this story:

1. If you have persistent symptoms, go to the doctor until they know what is wrong
2. If you know anyone with this problem, I would like to eat more that corn tortillas for lunch and dinner. I would love any tips.

The good news is most candy is gluten free, that suits me well. The best news is, I haven't had a stomach ache today.


derek w. said...

The doctor just made up a disease so that you would leave him alone.

derek w. said...

glad that you're feeling better though.

Bridger W. said...

I wrote this and then decided it would be better as a bulleted list:

-I actually think I've worried
about this more than you have.

-It is exciting that you've come around to corn tortillas. I've been looking into gluten-free diets and

-I've actually been quite surprised at how non-restricting they are. There are plenty of guys and gals out on the internet with just this disease who are dying to share their recipes, so take a big look-see.

Craig Barlow B. said...

Wow, Sarah-Ashley, that really is quite the ordeal. You've really come a long way. That is kind of how I felt when I realized that my eyes hurt all the time, not because that was the way eyes were supposed to be, but because they were shaped like cones instead of ellipses. It was a huge relief to know there was something wrong with me, it really was. Now you can look forward to a lifetime of eating ground beef. I'll bring you over some ground beef tomorrow.

Jarrard said...

The title of this post and the first sentence made me immediately say aloud: "This gal has Celiac Disease." I lived with a boy who had that problem for 5 months and although he forced his eating habits onto me, the menu is quite good. You'll have to get used to corn if you want more than rice. I'm so glad it's been discovered.

Jordan said...

Finally an answer!

Cassidy said...

My friend Margy has this. I will talk to her and find out what she eats. I feel like she eats lots of different things. I will get back to you and let you know.
I am glad that you are feeling better! I really am.

Laura said...

No wonder you never eat anything when you babysit! :)

I also think the corn tortilla is highly underated.

The other day I read that Elizabeth on "The View" has Celiac.

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Gluten Free Girl. Terrific blog and awesome book. Her singular encouragement to embrace what you (can) eat is so inspiring, even for folks who don't share the particular restrictions of Celiac. Good luck. Glad you know what you're dealing with.

I stumbled upon your blog via KirstinCan.