Friday, April 4, 2008

Breaking News

Six or seven times a day I check CNN, just to be sure I'm not missing anything.  Usually I'm not missing a thing.  But I did find this, this and this on my most recent visit.  Oh and this, which just breaks my heart, especially the last shot. 
#1-I just adore kittens so I like to watch this little thing move around, and I like that there is no news commentary just showing this average kitten's markings.
#2- I just adore kittens (someone was telling me about this and I don't remember who) but I ran into it on CNN and thought I'd better share.  I can't decide which part is cuter, the kittens, the bear or the last bear. 
#3-What on earth.  WHY?  Just ADOPT a child. Morons. 


bridgerw said...

That couple having a baby is so ridiculous. NEITHER OF THEM WAS BORN A MAN, QUIT GIVING THEM ATTENTION. Arnold Schwarzenegger was just as much of a pregnant man.

Jarrard said...

That handsome woman is still a woman. She still has two X chromosomes, and she still makes me sick.

Sarah-Ashley said...

I know that drives me crazy, this is a woman with a man's haircut. Get over yourself.

Craig said...

Give this poor woman a break. So someone wants to have a beard AND a baby. I wouldn't say that is unheard of.

Jordan said...

Allow me to agree with all the comments above concerning the pregnant man. So so stupid.

But please, let's not let that lame story overshadow all that footage of adorable kittens.