Friday, January 30, 2009

Everybody else is doing it

Thank you Elizabeth for writing this great new survey. Cassidy in order to not let you down, I am doing it.

1. What's something new that you like?--Free time. In days past I never really appreciated or realized the potential of my free time. Now that I am in Nursing School I have about 95% of my time taken up doing modules, assessments, quizzes, and other "let's keep these students busy out of their minds," assignments. So, free time is something that I really love these days.

2. What's something new that you despise? --I have begun this new habit where I am certain my alarm clock will not go off in the morning, so I wake up about 40 minutes early on my on each morning. When I wake up on my own, there is no going back.

4. What's something that made you feel terrible?--Getting pink eye late last week. Yes I got pink eye. Luckily I am superb at catching it the moment it starts, so although my eye was a tad bit swollen, it never really went pink.

5. What's a great quote you've come across recently?-- I haven't really come across to many great quotes lately.

6. Who is a great mom? My mom. My mom. My mom. My mom makes me cakes, cookies and pies minus the gluten. My mom goes to Tacos Nacos with me on a regular basis. My mom is a great mom.

7. What is a word you cannot seem to get a hold of?--There is a whole group of words I have been introduced to lately that I can't get a hold of. Example: Percuss.

8. What's something that let you down lately? -- My cat. He has been non-stop biting me since yesterday afternoon.

9. What's something that did not let you down lately?--My ballet students. Especially my 8 year-olds. They totally impressed me this week. And my hair. My hair has been on its best behavior lately. Especially my bangs, I trimmed them and I think they look excellent.

10. Now just list some words you think sound great:--
yeah (Me saying, "You understand, yeah?"


Bridger W. said...

The cat's been biting you because he and I were chatting online and I revealed that you haven't actually bought him airfare to New York.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for filling this out Sarah-Ashley. I am learning so much about everyone.

Mandee said...

Dear Sarah,

I am so glad you found my blog, as well as my facebook! So what is all this hype about Tacos Nacos? Where is it? Is it really all that great? I love the quilts, you never cease to amaze me! How is school going? How much longer do you have?


P.S. I love that you're really having a great hair week- your comment about trimming your bangs reminded me of a memory from, oh... about a decade and half ago, when you decided you wanted bangs and simply created some yourself. This memory made me smile!

Craig Barlow B. said...

I actually read this before I saw you tonight, and I noted a few comments before and during the birthday bash that I forgot to tell you, so here they are:

1. I have the same problem with my clock. I have a very worried biologicaly clock that occasionally kicks in and wakes me up in total panic and refuses to let me go to bed, even after I know that I am not even near time to wake up.
2. Your hair lived up to your nice hair week claim. If it didn't I was going to expose you as a total fraud.
3. I was going to acknowledge that I knew Bosley had been biting you, because I read this blog.