Saturday, June 14, 2008


Last night was the big show for the studio I teach at. Everything went really well until the finale. Usually the finale consists of the older girls doing a dance number and then all the kids filing on stage to take a bow. However, the other day one of the teachers decided it would be a good idea for the instructors to do a little piece for part of the finale. I was thrilled, I haven't performed in just over four years. Since we only had about three days to get the dance down we did a very short number to a song the Company girls picked -- Matchbox 20's "How Far We've Come." I wasn't exactly pleased with this choice, I can't stand Matchbox 20, but whatever.

Back to last night. Everything went great. I had a one child (an 11 year-old, meaning way too old to be confused about this) that had a really hard time understanding what side of the stage she was to enter on, so she went running on the stage after the dance had already started, I wasn't exactly happy about that. My class of 11 three year-old tappers did a great job, they looked awesome. Anyway, it comes time for the finale and the teachers go running on stage. We do our little number, and as I am doing my eight counts of dancing off the stage I realized I had injured myself earlier in the dance. I had to switch what I was doing and leap off the stage as big and as fast as I could. After that I ran on, took my bow and then made my way to the dressing room. After a few minutes of refusing to take my ballet shoe off, I did it, and there was my second toe, sticking straight up and sideways, I just knew I had broken my foot. I was not very happy.

Dawn gave me a piggyback ride out to her car and got me to Instacare in record time. I went back and got my x-rays from a man wearing lavender scrubs. He took a ridiculously long time x-raying my foot and at one point taped the rest of my toes down to the table which just about shot me threw the roof it hurt my foot so bad.

Then I returned to my exam room and the doctor came in and had great news, no broken foot, just a dislocated toe. I was thrilled. He then said he could give me two numbing shots and then put my toe back in place. I declined the shots (I had a dinner party to get to) and just had him go for it. I am surprised Dawn is still in once piece I was squeezing her so hard as he pulled my toe up and shoved it back into its place. He then sent me back for another set of x-rays to make sure he had done the job correctly, which he had. I asked how long this baby is going to hurt for and his answer was "It depends on your body, however long it wants to hurt." I am hoping that means no more than a week or two, however I was just reading about dislocated toes and lots of people take up to six months, this is slightly concerning to me. I am just happy I am not in a cast and using crutches for the next 10 weeks.

Notice the zig-zag nature at the top of the second toe.


Cassidy said...

Oh no! That is terrible news. How is it feeling now? It must have been your bodies way of rejecting such a hideous choice as Matchbox 20. Get well soon!

Elizabeth said...

Sarah-Ashley! What great strength you possess. I would have scuhREAMED the moment it happened.

I like that you mentioned the x-ray tech's lavender scrubs.

Jordan said...


This sounds terribly painful. I hope you're feeling better already.

Just a few things:

1. I love that you declined the shots becuase you were concerned about making it to your dinner party.

2. Dawn is a really good friend.

3. This may not be too encouraging, but when I hurt my ankle at the Dance Party in December, it took months for it to stop hurting. Ankles are way different than toes, though, and if I had to make a guess, I'd say your body doesn't want to hurt for very long.

Melissa said...

This looks and sounds very painful. I was terribly concerned when I heard word of this from Bridger. I'm pleased that it wasn't a break and really hoping it won't be too much trouble.

dawn said...

I am so glad it is not broken. Otherwise I would be giving you piggybacks around campus untill the cast was off.

Sarah-Ashley said...

Dawn, I would love if you gave me piggyback rides around campus. We would die laughing.

Craig said...

But I would like to note to everyone that even after sustaining a debilitating toe injury, Sarah-Ashley still performed a very energetic bow. The show must go on.

bridgerw said...

Just another cry for attention. When are you going to let up?

Elizabeth said...

"The world's most obnoxious woman" HAHAHAHA